What People Say

I have seen Jez as a patient several times during 2013-14.  He has the quality of being both professional and personable in his patient encounters. He has always taken the time to listen and record my history and observes physical posture and movement before beginning a treatment. I have benefitted greatly from his care.

Jeanette Adair, 70, Retired 

I cannot recommend Jez highly enough. I was in extreme pain when I first visited with costovertebral joint dysfunction. After four visits, his healing hands worked miracles for me. He was very concerned for my welfare and wrote a supportive letter to my employer to instruct them regarding my progress during a period of absence from work. Very professional, very polite. 10/10.

Paul Faithfull, 35

I found Jez and his practice at a time where my chronic back pain was almost making me depressed. He was friendly and open, and positively honest about my problem. After just the first session, the worst of my crisis was over and I recovered my quality of life within just a few weeks. 

Danny M (37)

Jez has been a massive help in managing my pelvic/back pain through both of my pregnancies and I have recommended him to a number of friends.

C.S. 35

I began visiting Jez with a seemingly intractable shoulder problem, which, after several years of discomfort, thanks to his perseverance has now begun to respond to treatment. Jez was very upfront from the outset as to how long it would take to address the issue, and has also been very clear about when the period of treatment is likely to end. I have never felt that he would allow me to continue making appointments unnecessarily. In addition to this, Jez has always made me feel at ease and offered thorough explanations as to what is happening with my body (for example, the impact my posture and other bad habits had on the problem I was experiencing), and he has been happy to address any concerns or queries I have had between treatments. Finally I have found the treatments themselves to be enjoyable in a therapeutic sense, and have always slept well afterwards. I would not hesitate to recommend Jez to anyone requiring osteopathy.

Lynne M. 

I went to see Jez via a recommendation and immediately recommended him to my hairdresser. He had already been recommended to her by a previous client - testament to anyone unfortunate enough not to have an acquaintance who has been to see him.

Rhys Trussler, 35, Artist

I have found Jez to be a very approachable and friendly therapist. My experiences with osteopaths have always been very positive, but I have found jez’s approach, knowledge and patient centredness to be very refreshing and reassuring. His diagnoses have always been spot on. Also he is the only therapist who has successfully been able to crack my back.

Alexius Vivian, Occupational Therapist and Rock Climber

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